Can Cats Eat Bananas? Health Benefits, Side Effects And Tips..

Can cats eat banana peels

Can cats eat bananas? Well, probably they can! Bananas are not at all toxic for cats. You can easily give bananas to your cats, but only if you are feeding them in the moderation amount in their diet routine. Well, there is nothing wrong with treating your cats with the bananas until and unless they are fond of this fruit and do not run away from it.

But as we all know that bananas are rich in the sugar content, so it is always advisable that you should serve them in a moderate amount after consulting from the vet professional. You should make the efforts to introduce your cat with some new fruit items so they can forget the taste of bananas.

Are Bananas Healthy For a Pet Cat?

Can cats eat bananas? But make sure they should be served with the cautions only. If you are serving your cat with the bananas, then make sure that you have entirely removed the peel of the bananas. This is for the reason that their digestive system is not too much strong enough to deal with the banana peel. They cannot chew the hard texture of the peel easily.

In addition, the bananas are rich with the sugar content. Therefore, it is not so healthy to serve them with the bananas in their diet daily. Also, too much extra amount of sugar content can lead your cat’s health to diabetes as well as obesity also. These both health conditions are too much dangerous for your cat’s health. So when you are feeding them with the bananas, make sure you are careful about the moderation amount first.

Can Feeding Banana Upset Your Cat Stomach?

Well if your cat is eating too many bananas on one day then probably there are chances that it can upset their stomach as well. Bananas are much useful and healthy for human beings because of the active form of content that is inside this fruit. You will probably be viewing so many tennis players, who are consuming bananas on a daily basis for enduring strength and energy in their body. Your cat might be finding some problems in the consumption of the bananas if you will make them feed the one whole banana. They might face a condition of severe constipation.

cat with banana in hand

Are Bananas Allergic For Cats?

Some of the cats can eat bananas quickly without any issues. But there are some of the cat breeds who will be finding this fruit allergic to them. The type of cat breed can be one of the significant factors to make you figure out whether any fruit will be allergic to your cat or not. So you need to perform complete research on this query and figure out whether your cat breed is allergic to the banana or not!

Some of the common allergic which a cat can get from banana consumption is as mentioned below:

  • Itchiness on the skin or lower back of the body
  • Streaming eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Swelling on Paws
  • Throat Inflammation

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Will Bananas Make My Cat Sick?

Many pet owners are so much conscious about the fact that will the bananas can make their cat sick or not? Well for the information of the readers we would like to mention that most of the bananas are much toxic as to felines. But still eating it regularly can bring a harmful effect on the overall health of your pet cat. You should not offer your cat with the bananas until and unless they do not beg for it. If your pet is showing some interest in banana feeding, then you should serve them in a small amount. The daily consumption of this fruit can somehow spike up the blood sugar level of your cat, which would be leading to the condition of diabetes.

What Are The Benefits of Bananas For Your Cat?

Apart from being harmful, these bananas are best in showing some nutritional benefits for the cats as well. Though bananas offer your cat’s health with the Vitamin C amount as well as fiber. In addition, they hence are layout to be low in sodium and also with fewer amounts of saturated fats. Also, they even contain the percentage of calcium and phosphorus too. This will bring some benefits in the cat’s skin and so as the coating health too.

Can Cats Eat Banana Peels?

Some people often wonder that if they can serve their cat with the banana peel or not? Well, our recommendation would be “NO.” You should not serve your cat with the bananas peel at all. If you want to help your cats with the bananas, make sure that you have removed the peel from it. They cannot digest or chew the peel easily. Also, most of the cats can get the choke feeling as soon as they consume the banana peel.

If still, you want to feed them with this fruit, then be sure that you are adding the moderate amount of calcium and omega-six fatty acids in it. The extra amount of bananas can cause disturbance and upset nature in their stomach and can often lead to diarrhea.

Banana pieces with banana peel


Can Cats Eat Banana Bread?

Above we have discussed, can cats eat bananas? Now the question is can cats eat banana bread as well. So, the answer will be “MAYBE.” If you think that your selected banana bread is completely safe for cats, then serving them with the bread is not much harmful at all. But make sure that the rule of moderation has to be followed in the bananas bread as well.

One of the major types of bananas that can be beneficial for your cat’s health is the smooth texture. You can serve it to your cat by mixing it up with fresh water. It would be more helpful for you to bring control of your cat’s coating and so as the skin.

Can Cats Easily Digest Bananas?

Do you want to know whether the cats can easily digest the banana? Can cats eat bananas without any hassle? Well, the bananas are rich in fiber content. This fiber content can often slow down the whole process of the cat’s digestive system. This can intentionally make your cat stomach to feel full for a long time. Your cat will no longer be in want for some extra feeding amount. Cats are a carnivore in nature habitats so they will be struggling to get with some plant-based types of food items in which we will mention the bananas. If you fed your cats with the bananas, one whole at one time, then there are chances of an issue of the digestive system to your cats.

Other Fruits As Healthy For Cats

You can hence consider thinking about some other fruits that are healthy enough for them. Mostly the fresh fruits, as well as vegetables, are keeping out to be healthy for the cats. You can also consider choosing with the fruits and vegetables that are included with the increasing amount of minerals and so as the number of vitamins.

Some of the other healthy, safe fruits for the cats are:

  • Figs
  • Dates
  • Lemons
  • Pears
  • Oranges

Some of the fruits that can turn out to be toxic for the pet cats are:

Never Grow Banana Fruits At Home

If you have pet cats in your house, then you should not grow the banana’s garden in your house. Pet cats are curious, and they want to eat the fruits and also vegetables grown up in your house garden. You should be harvesting them at one such point of corner of the house where the cats cannot reach at all. If your grown banana plants are highly toxic and are added with the pesticides, then you should keep your cats much away from it.

Cat with banana's basket

Essential Tips to Feed Bananas To Cats 

If you want to serve your cat with the bananas, then make sure that you keep their age in mind. Older breed of the cats should not be served with a more significant amount of the bananas at all. This is harmful to them. You can always start with a small amount so you can investigate their health condition or if in case they are choking. You can also serve them with the bananas by making it mix with some water amount.

Usually, the cats have the digestive system that is too much system. Their digestive system is not meant for different types of fruit items. There are few of the food items that can be toxic to the cats breed. Bananas are not dangerous for your cats, but at the same time, they are not part of their routine diet plan as well. They can upset their stomach.

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How Much Banana Amount Is Safe For Cats?

You should always provide the bananas to your cat in a small amount of the doses. Try to serve them two pieces in one day and investigate how your cat will react to fruit consumption. It would be recommended if you will be restricting your cat to one piece per week amount of moderation. Thus, you should never serve them with one whole amount of the banana on a daily basis at any cost. There are high chances that they will be facing the issues of the digestive system because of the high-calorie content in the bananas.

Average based bananas have almost 100 calories in them. A typical cat breed is just in need of 200 calories on a per-day basis. Bananas are not providing maximum nutrients to cat health. So it is not recommended at all. If your cat has not reached the maturity level, you should not serve them with the bananas at all. Kittens should be kept away from the bananas until they did not grow up. You should never serve bananas to pregnant cat breeds.

can cats eat bananas? cat with banana

Can Cats Eat Bananas? — Summary

On the whole of this discussion that can cats eat bananas, we will say that bananas can never give your cat the nutritional amount, which you want for their health. But at the same time, they are not harmful at all. It cannot bring any sort of risk for their health; until and unless you are serving it in a moderate amount.

Feeding cat with the bananas more often times and too on the greater amount can be much harmful due to the high level of the sugar content in the fruit. You should offer your cat with the bananas until and unless they do not beg for it. If your pet is showing some interest in banana feeding, then you should make them serve as in a small amount. Try to consult your vet specialist to know more about the banana’s side effects and advantages for your cat’s health.