Can Cats Eat Cabbage? Is Cabbage Good For Cats?

cat with cabbage

Can I give cats cabbage, can cats eat cabbage… I often hear such voices? In addition, if you look online, you will find that the keyword “cat/cabbage” is quite common. It seems that there are many cases where it is not clear whether to give or not and there are many owners who are in trouble. So I will explain in detail whether cats can eat cabbage in their diet plan.

The answer is ok if you are careful about giving too much. When eating cabbage, be careful not to get diarrhoea due to fiber. Oxalic acid, which is common in cabbage and spinach, is associated with urinary stones (urinary stones).

Can Cats Have Cabbage

Is it okay to let cats eat cabbage or something? Cabbage is hardly meaningful food for cats. This is because cats are originally animals that can live without cabbage.

Also, cabbage is a food that is difficult to digest for cats. So there is not much point in giving cats cabbage. However, there is no problem if cabbage is stolen and a small amount is added to the topping of homemade rice, as cabbage does not harm cats.

kitten is eating cabbage

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Do Cats Need Cabbage or Other Vegetables

The simple question is do cats need cabbage or other vegetables? Let’s talk about!

The conclusion is that cats need nutrients and whether they are meat or vegetables like cabbage is essentially irrelevant, and it can be said that vegetables are not absolutely necessary. However, considering the nutrients in cabbage, nutrients are abundant because there is only one crop that people eat.

Why Cabbage is Said to be Rich in Nutrition

Cabbage is rich in nutrients. It contains a lot of vitamins B1, B6, C, K, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid. There are many minerals contrary to the appearance. Because owners don’t have to give them to cats, and they are not ingredients that ordinary cats feel delicious.

Many owners will never give them cabbage. If you arrange a lot of nutrients in cabbage, you will get the following for each medium-sized cabbage.

  • Vitamin B1: 0.41㎎
  • Vitamin B6: 1.12㎎
  • Folic acid: 795.6 micrograms
  • Vitamin C: 418.2㎎
  • Potassium: 2040㎎
  • Magnesium: 142.8㎎
  • Manganese: 1.53㎎

You’ll notice that cabbage has a lot of minerals. By the way, the taste of cats is not so delicate that the taste buds on the surface of the tongue are “ sweet ” or “ spicy ”. Although the centre of the cat’s tongue does not feel the taste, so you can feel delicious even when eating cabbage.

Is It OK to Give Cats Cabbage

In conclusion, cabbage does not contain any harmful ingredients for cats, so it is safe to eat small amounts. Therefore, you can use it for homemade rice for cats without any problems.

However, cats do not need to consume them, so it is necessary to carefully control the amount and feeding method while giving consideration to the health of the cat.

Fresh green cabbage

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The Real Reason Cats Can Digest Cabbage

Grains and plants consumed by small herbivores have left the digestive system undigested and have been introduced into the body with intestinal bacteria. Therefore, their ability to break down the dietary fiber is very weak, and instead, they make it possible to obtain amino acids from meat very efficiently.

Therefore, even if a cat eats cabbage on an empty stomach, the amount that can be digested and absorbed is limited. On the contrary, you will have diarrhoea.

On the other hand, it is often said that “vegetables like green onions” are dangerous because they should not be given to cats. Originally, cats were not really interested in having vegetables in front of them, and they were not crazy about eating.

Benefits of Giving Cabbage to Cats

Because cabbage is low in calories, there is a way to increase the diet of cats on a diet with cabbage. If you use cabbage for dieting, boil it as much as possible and cut it into small pieces to improve digestion.

Sometimes cats like to eat raw vegetables such as cabbage. It may be that you are controlling your bowel movements by daring to eat indigestible ingredients.

Disadvantages of Giving Cabbage to Cats

Cabbage is rich in various nutrients in addition to fiber, but it is one of the cat’s foods that is hard to digest.

Cats are naturally carnivores, so they are not good at digesting and absorbing plants, such as vegetables. Therefore, it is probable that predators of small animals eating plant such as vegetables and eating of their internal organs including the gastrointestinal tract consumed nutrients of vegetables and plants.

As you can see, it is important to understand that the necessary ingredients are different between cats that are completely carnivorous and those who are omnivores.

Fresh cabbage for cats

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Can Cabbage Really Cause Urinary Stones?

The oxalic acid in cabbage can cause this. However, regardless of their size, cats do not seem to have to worry about the amount they consume. However, worried owners can only buy cat food that contains cabbage and only gets this rich nutrient.

Another common method of preventing urinary stones is to maintain adequate hydration. It is important for owners to find ways to encourage water consumption, such as moving a drinking fountain to a place where cats can calm down and drinking cold water that has been cold in winter.

Precautions When Giving Cabbage to Cats

1. Be careful with minerals when giving cats cabbage

I first wrote that “ surprisingly rich in minerals ” among the nutrients of cabbage, but the factors that cause cats to have urinary stones and kidney stones are that the function of internal organs is reduced and the urine is thickened and that minerals in the urinary tract are caused by crystallization.

However, cats should not eat large amounts of cabbage, so if you give a small amount, you don’t have to worry too much.
Cabbage contains substances that affect the thyroid gland, so be careful not to feed it raw.

2. Cats lack enzymes that can digest cabbage

The important thing to eat for cats is whether they can digest the nutrients they ingest? In the case of humans and dogs, the omnivorous vegetables and meat that eat cabbage and meat are eaten in a balanced manner. It can be digested slowly for a long time.

However, cats do not eat cabbage or other vegetables and eat meat, so they are not good for digesting cabbage and other vegetables and grains.

Relationship Between Cats and Cabbage

As I wrote, cabbage is a particularly unattractive food for cats. However, the owner worries: “Is the nutrition of cat boxes or pet food sufficient?” Or “Let’s give it a little.”

Looking at the composition table of dry cat food recommended in pet stores, etc., “Why is soy contained?” Or “Cats are not carnivores and why do they contain rice?” “I would think.

It is the main cause of misunderstanding. This is based on isoflavones “isolated” from soy and gluten and other ingredients in rice that have intestinal effects. This does not mean that the rice and soybeans are ground and mixed. It’s just a “raw material” for extracting nutrients.

I don’t think there are many articles on medically giving cats, cabbage and other vegetables to chitin and animals. The most important thing is whether it can be digested and absorbed, not just the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Many people say that “I only need to give a small amount of cabbage” or “I’m okay if I boil it”.

can cats eat cabbage in all forms

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However, to absorb nutrients from food, you need a body that is suitable for digestion and absorption, such as intestinal bacteria. Can you really get the nutrition out of it by simply cooking it or chopping it? Humans cook to get better and more effective, but cats are not given a human diet.

It is dangerous to give anything unevenly, but it is more dangerous to deviate from the cat’s eating habits by designing it in a personal style. First, consider the cat’s body rather than the owner’s satisfaction and decide whether or not to give cabbage.

Conclusion: Can Cats Eat Cabbage

In conclusion about can cats eat cababge we found, cabbage does not contain any harmful ingredients for cats, so it is safe to eat small amounts. Therefore, you can use it for homemade rice for cats without any problems. However, cats do not need to consume them, so it is necessary to carefully control the amount and feeding method while giving consideration to the health of the cat.