Can Cats Eat Cherries? Tips on Feeding Cherries to Your Cat

can cats eat cherries

If you are a cat owner, you will be aware of the fact that they love to eat. They are always happy about eating most meals items. However, on some occasions, we pet owners are not always accurate when it comes to the selection of food items for the cats. Although some fruits and fresh vegetables are best for pet cats to eat, whereas others might be unsafe for their bodily health! Are cherries one such fruit item which you should avoid? Can cats eat cherries?

Can Cats Eat Cherries? Quick Answer

That’s right! Cats can eat cherries, in case you are all the time wondering. This is not like feeding your pet cat raspberries. You can choose to feed them more than 2-3 at one time. So that you know, the health advantages of cherries may also no longer apply to cats.

As cats are carnivores, they derive most of their dietary advantages from animal sources and protein. However, if you feed your cat cherries long enough, that is fine. It may additionally help your cat to meet day by day nutritional requirements. But it may advantage of his/her health in the long run.

can cats have cherries

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The query is why are cherries even viewed as a treat for cats? These fleshy treats are tender to chew, juicy, and sweet. Plus, they are vibrant crimson in the shade like candy. Your pet cat is most probable to style a cherry out of significant curiosity. Curiosity will somehow not going to kill the cat as no longer with cherries!

Can Cats Eat Cherries: Important Tips on Feeding

Right here we will warn you about some of the common and necessary side effects of feeding your cat with too many cherries. The side results can appear just because your cat’s metabolism is different. There is something you can do to facilitate a healthy feeding process.

First of all, you have to introduce cherries to your cat. Don’t simply slide a bowl full of pitted cherries below their nose. They would possibly devour it all. But you don’t know how their bodies will react to it. Cats are inclined to slight or extreme allergies. Especially to fruits and vegetables that are not part of their diet.

Feed your pet cat the flesh of fresh cherry. You should wait around for at least 2-3 hours to give a quick view in case any change happens in their behaviour. If your cat is pooping well, is not bloating, or is not unusual, then cherries are entirely safe for them. You can proceed ahead as in feeding cherries to them.

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Secondly, make sure you are not simply feeding your pet cat cherries. Cherries are not counted to be the major part of their predominant diet. Nevertheless, animal proteins, including fish, or chicken, and meat, are. Thirdly, regularly eliminate the pit before feeding. And you can additionally puree or mash the cherries for higher digestion. Only a few pitted cherries are considered to be essential. It will help with digestion; however, too, a lot of it should additionally cause diarrhoea.

What are the Possible Risks of Feeding Cherries to Cat?

The digestive system of a cat is sensitive. It breaks down vitamins slower y showing some speedy symptoms of an upset stomach, or constipation, or even diarrhoea. Cherries incorporate a natural sweetener known as maraschino. You can also call it by the name of nature’s sugar to make it easy for you. And in general terms, the cat does not digest the sugar quickly. So an extra amount of cherries can lead to sugar indigestion which can bring the hurdle of obesity for your cat!

Feeding your cat with too many cherries can cause the issues of diarrhoea or an upset stomach. So it is important to consult a vet expert before you go over-board with your cherry feeding. Consider feeding your cat cherries daily. Feeding your cat a few cherries is perfectly fine for their health. But feeding your cat cherries every evening, at home, is not healthy at all!

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Can Cats Have Cherry Poisoning Due to Cherries?

Cherry poisoning is a severe health issue in cats. It takes place when a cat eats an unripe section of cherry or when he/she eats the pit of a cherry. The first symptoms of pain are indigestion, vomiting, diarrhoea, or gas.

Your pet cat can also face the poisoning issue if by accident they eat leaves, seed, or stem of cherry. This is because all these components comprise highly toxic cyanide. It can lead to poisoning in cats. If your cat eats the cyanide-containing parts, one or two, it is no longer life-threatening. However, when fed on in large quantities, it can lead to different health concerns such as irregular breathing, or dilated pupils, as well as panting, or even blood toxicity.

Things to Watch Out For When Giving a Cat a Cherry

Even though it is okay, there are some precautions to take when giving it to a cat.

  • Since cherries are rich in dietary fiber, eating cats can cause diarrhoea and loose stools.
  • The leaves, stems, and seeds of cherries contain hydrocyanic acid glycosides, which turn into poisons when changed to hydrocyanic acid in the body.
  • Do not give immature cherries.

Therefore, you have to be careful to give a small amount (about one grain) and remove leaves, stems, and seeds. The cherries you buy at supermarkets are mature, so I don’t think you need to be very nervous about being an immature cherry.

I wrote earlier that you don’t have to panic if you devour it, but you must be careful not to swallow the seeds. Even if it is taken, most of it will be discharged together with the poop, but it may be better to consult a veterinarian just in case. If chewed and swallowed, we recommend that you consult a veterinarian immediately.

Facts About Cats and Cherries

It has a high nutritional value, about 5 kcal per grain, and its ingredients are…

  • Sugar
  • Vitamin A, C, B1, B2
  • Rin
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • iron
  • Carotene

It can be expected to be useful for recovery from fatigue, anaemia, relief of coldness, and prevention of skin aging. Also, the skin of American cherries contains a type of polyphenol called anthocyanin.

However, if you overeat the sweet ingredient called sorbitol, which is an ingredient that helps relieve constipation, it may cause stomachache if you overeat.

By the way, the proper amount to eat cherries is within 100g at a time.


There are many effects that humans can eat and delicious cherries, but what about cats?

Originally, cats are carnivorous animals, and the digestibility of raw vegetables and fruits is poor, so basically it can be said that it is not necessary to consume vegetables and fruits. And there are some fruits that cats are prone to allergic reactions. Bananas, pineapples, citrus fruits, grapes, and kiwifruit.

Depending on the cat, some cats are interested in fruits and some who are not. By the way, my cats are interested in strawberries but not in cherries at all.

How Many Cherries Should You Feed to Your Cat?

There is no fast and challenging rule; however, maintain the extent as low as you can. As an ordinary estimate, you can feed two to three cherries per time. However, retain it occasionally and no longer regular. More than that, cherries can be toxic to cats.

Which Portion of Cherry should you Feed?

You should take away the pit as before feeding the cherries to your pet cats. Also, try to make sure that pedicel, or stalk, and leaves are hence eliminated and aren’t connected to the fruit you are imparting to your feline. All components other than the pod and pulp should be prevented and mustn’t be fed to your cats.

Cherries you should serve to your cat

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Can Cats Eat Cherries? Final Verdict

From the factors noted above about can cats eat cherries, we have retrieved outcomes that yes, cats can safely eat cherries as normal foods; however, you should be keeping it as an occasional treat for them. Along with this, regular vet examination and positive precautions are imperative to take earlier than feeding fruits to your cat pets.


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