11 Amazing Facts About Can Cats Eat Honey

Cat Eating Honey

It’s delicious when you eat it by spreading it on a loaf of sweet honey and bread. I think some people take it for health, but in fact, it seems to be effective for cats. If you use honey, you may be able to take medicines that you are not good at. But can cats eat honey or not? Is it okay to give it to a cat?

In this article, we will introduce whether honey can be given to cats, illness of cats that has a healing effect with honey, and points to be noted when giving honey to cats.

Is Honey Safe for Cats to Eat?

You can give honey if you give it carefully! In conclusion, it’s okay to give honey to cats in moderate amounts.

Although honey is a sweetener, it has less calories than sugar. 100g of sugar is 384Kcal, while honey is about 294Kcal.

Cats do not have sweet taste buds (organs that have a taste on the tongue), so it seems that they do not eat because of the sweetness of honey. You can also intentionally give honey as an aid for the treatment of a cat.

Nutrition Facts of Honey

Honey, which is said to be good for human health, is a natural sweetener that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins include vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, and minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as amino acids and Polyphemus.

Nutrition Facts Of Honey

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What is the Effect of Giving Honey to Cats?

What kind of effect can be obtained by feeding a cat with nutritious honey? Let’s take a look at the benefits of feeding honey to cats.

1. Effective against stomatitis

Cats are said to be susceptible to periodontal diseases such as stomatitis. In particular, stomatitis in cats often hurts more severely than in humans, and if it hurts too much, it becomes impossible to eat rice.

So, if you apply a little honey to your mouth after the cat eats the food or drink the water, the cat will lick it and take the honey.

As mentioned above, honey contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, so it seems that it has an anti-inflammatory effect to suppress the pain of stomatitis. It is also good for stomatitis due to lack of vitamins.

2. Effective for stomatitis due to renal failure

Renal failure is another illness that cats are prone to. Causes can include kidney failure from diseases such as diabetes and poly-cystic kidney disease.

When renal failure occurs, kidney function is impaired, urea-containing waste products cannot be discharged well, and blood waste levels increase. This causes uremia and the exhaled breath also contains ammonia. Then, the oral cavity becomes rough and can cause stomatitis.

It is said that applying honey to this stomatitis will also have the effect of reducing pain

3. Honey can supply nutrition

Honey containing a lot of nutrition can be supplemented by feeding it to cats.

However, although the nutritional effects of honey can be expected to improve the luster of hair. Cats have a lower sugar content than sugar but have a high sugar content, so they are not suitable for daily feeding.

honey can supply nutrition

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4. Use honey for cats who are not good at medicine

I think some cats are really bad at taking medicine. If you try to force them to drink, some cats will blow bubbles due to a rejection reaction, and some bubbles will appear just by looking at the medicine.

My male cat had chewed on a tablet I got at the hospital, and it seemed to be a bitter drug, and the bubble stopped dripping from my mouth for a while. When I called the hospital and asked, it was okay if I left it alone, but I was so sorry that it was difficult to clean the bubbles and the drool that fell on the floor.

At that time, the recommended method is to powder the medicine and mix it with honey.
Apply a mixture of medicine and honey to the upper jaw of the cat. Then the cat licks the sticky honey and swallows the medicine.

How to Give Cats Honey, Precautions When Giving

Honey is nutritious and effective against stomatitis. But it is not good to give it too much because it is good for your body.

So, what should we be careful about when giving honey to cats?

1. Be careful not to eat too much calories

Although it has lower calories compared to white sugar, honey is a high-calorie food for cats. Frequently giving honey causes excessive calories, which may cause an increase in blood sugar levels and / or an increase in blood sugar levels that may affect the body.
Especially in cats with diabetes, eating honey can raise insulin levels.

Also, eating high-calorie honey can cause you to become full and not eat your food. Care should also be taken when feeding cats that are overweight.

2. If you give a lot at one time, it may cause suffocation

Honey is a very sticky food. It may be easier for humans to swallow a spoonful. But for cats, it may not be swallowed well and may lead to choking, so be careful.

When giving honey, apply it to the upper jaw to lick it, or even give it with a spoon so that it can be licked little by little.

3. It is recommended to apply it around the mouth and lick it

The recommended way to give it little by little is to give the cat a lick of honey.

Cats don’t feel sweet, but if they are sticky on their face or mouth, they will try to lick and clean them. You can use this behavior to give powdery medicines that you are not good at.

4. Beware of physical condition changes after giving


If honey is given to relieve symptoms such as stomatitis in cats, be careful about the subsequent change in physical condition. Be careful when giving honey to cats who are allergic.

If you really want to give honey, talk to your veterinarian at your animal hospital.

cat eating honey

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Look at the Situation When Giving Honey For the First Time

Unlike common bacteria, this Clostridium botulinum can survive even if heated at 100 ° C for several minutes.

In addition, even if an adult normally ingests Clostridium botulinum, he or she will lose the competition with other intestinal bacteria and rarely show symptoms.

In other words, just because people eat it doesn’t mean there’s no guarantee that the honey doesn’t contain botulinum.

When you give honey to a cat for the first time, give it little by little, and give it time to see what happens. If you experience any symptoms after eating honey, it is important to go to the veterinary clinic immediately and tell when and how much you ate.

Can Cats Have Honey in Their Diet Paln

It is okay to give a small amount of honey to cats. It is effective for the symptoms of stomatitis. Be careful of excess calories. Do not give kittens honey.

I have introduced the effects and precautions of giving honey to cats. How was it?

When you hear a lot of nutrition, you want to give more for the health of your cat.
However, there are some areas where the indoor cats, etc. are particularly lacking in exercise, and there are many owners who regularly give diet food.

Can I Give Honey Products to Cats?

In addition to honey products, cats basically do not need to be fed human food. Honey products also have no merit, so if you are unsure about whether to give them, do not give them.

The sugars in honey products are thought to cause caries, obesity and diabetes, and other ingredients are often unsuitable for cats.

Is it Safe to Give Manuka Honey to Cats?

Among the honeys, the rare type of manuka honey is said to have a strong antibacterial effect. Therefore, it is said to be effective in relieving stomatitis and gingivitis in cats.

Antibacterial honey (Manuka honey) is often used as a treatment for stomatitis because it is safe with no side effects and is easy for a cat to lick. However, honey is not effective for all cats, and there are individual differences in the duration of the effect.

Actually, when giving honey (manuka honey), the owner puts a little on the fingertip and brings it to the mouth, or directly applies it to the mouth. Some cats will lick it for you, or if you don’t, you can put it around your mouth to lick honey (Manuka honey). Be careful not to put it on too much.

Is it Safe to Give Manuka Honey to cat

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What About Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup is similar to honey. Maple syrup is a syrup whose main component is the concentrated and concentrated sap of sugar maple. It contains more calcium and magnesium than honey and is lower in calories than honey.

Maple syrup also has a sugar content, so it is better not to give it in view of tooth decay and obesity. Even if the cat licks it a little, it can be said that the life is not a problem if the amount is small.

How about Yogurt?

Another food that cats can easily lick is yogurt. If the cat licks it, it’s safer than unsweetened yogurt if it’s unsweetened. However, some cats may get sick, such as eating too much and causing diarrhea. If you really want to give yogurt, yogurt for cats is on sale, so it is better to give it.

Final Words: Can Cats Eat Honey

You can give honey to cats but only in a moderation. It can be said that there are no major health or nutritional benefits.

However, when a cat has stomatitis, it may be improved by applying a small amount of honey to the affected area. Another option is to use cat medicines by mixing them with honey or wrapping them to make them easier to eat. At that time, the cat will lick honey, but if it is a small amount, it is okay to lick it.

Basically, you don’t have to give your cat food made for humans. The reason why cats want to lick honey may be that they like the taste and smell. But sometimes they are eaten because of their owners, or because of their mischief and interest.

What is good for humans is not always good for cats. It is also said that cats have fewer sweet buds on their tongue than humans, so they have little sweetness. My cat doesn’t have to think that she doesn’t want to give it because she likes sweet honey.

cats and honey

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When giving honey, for the purpose of treating stomatitis or for reasons such as wanting to take medicine, use only a small amount so that it is not too much. If there is something you want your cat to eat, such as honey, and you can’t make a decision, you can ask your vet for help.

Give a diet of general nutrition on a daily basis so that you can take proper nutrition from that food.

If you are suffering from a sore mouth and your cat does not eat well due to stomatitis, you may want to try this honey therapy. Consult your veterinarian at your animal hospital before giving honey.