Can Cats Eat Oatmeal? Top 2 Oatmeal Recipes for Your Cat


While you are eating oatmeal in your breakfast, you might have noticed that your cat is also looking at you as if she wants to eat. So, can cats eat oatmeal? Well, the quick answer will be “YES.” You can let your cats serve with the oatmeal, but make sure that the amount is kept completely limited and small.

Most of the time, certain food items are healthy for human beings, but they are not easy to digest by cats. The same is the case with oatmeal as well. Oatmeal is healthy for cats, but only if they are not included with the milk content in it.

Oatmeal is one of the most healthy and delicious food items which most people are fond of, including in their breakfast meal plan. It is not only admired by humans, but even animals are fond of eating it. It is included with high sources of the nutrient amount and is rich with Vitamin B6 and Iron.


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Can I Serve Oatmeal to Cats in Small Amount?

As cats are part of the carnivore animal category, there it is important that their diet plan should be based on a high amount of proteins and is low in carbohydrates. Oatmeal is rich in the content carbohydrate, but it contains less amount of protein.  Your cat would not be able to get the right amount of nutrient which they have been looking for in their diet plan.  You can let it served into their diet meal plan as a treat.

Is Oatmeal Healthy for Your Cats?

We would not be mentioning oatmeal as best for the cats when it comes to their main meal menu. Oatmeal is healthy for your cat in the sense that it is included with a high amount of iron, which is excellent for the growth of bones and proper functioning of the enzymes in their body. It will also help them to add up their body with Vitamin B6 along with the calcium amount. Calcium is so much important for the cat’s bones growth and development.

cat eating oatmeal

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Making the Recipe of Oatmeal Porridge for Pet Cats

If you plan to cook the oatmeal, you would be thinking about getting it to cook up in the milk. But in case if you are sharing it with your cat, then you need to be a little careful!  Most cat breeds are lactose intolerant; therefore, they cannot easily eat the oatmeal cooked with the addition of milk.

But there is nothing wrong with serving your cat with the oatmeal porridge if it is included with the water in it. It will go quite a lot easy on the salt, and hence cats do have a lesser or low tolerance over the salt. If your cat is not fond of eating plain oatmeal, then you do have an option in which you can serve it with wet food.

Are Oatmeal Cookies Healthy for Cats?

Oatmeal cookies are probably the best thing that you can get from the oats. They are high in their nutritional content, just like the oatmeal porridge. They are much loved due to their sweet texture and crunchy taste.

Most of the pet owners are also anxious to know whether they can serve their cats with oatmeal cookies. Can cats eat oatmeal cookies safely? Well, yes, you can! They are healthy and are not at all harmful to your cat’s health. Plus, they do have the crunchy and sweet texture, which your cat will love for sure. Hence they are also included with a high amount of nutrients and calcium, which is a lot healthy for your cat’s health.


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Oatmeal cookies are also included with the chocolate and raisins, which is toxic for your cat.  If you are still managing to look for the cookies for your cat, make sure it is entirely free from these two ingredients. Even though it does not contain chocolate, it will still have enough sugar for your cat, increasing its calories! For any cat, the daily intake consumption of the calorie has to be around 200-300 calories. One single piece of oatmeal is included up with a maximum of 100 calories

Top 2 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes for your Pet Cat

1. Salmon Oatmeal Cookies Best Recipe

If you want to make the recipe of salmon oatmeal cookies, you have to finely squish around 50 grams of the fresh salmon and add it to 1 full-sized egg. Now take a medium-sized pan and then add someone small tablespoon of oil in it. Now add your salmon-egg mixture into it. Keep on stirring it for around 5-10 minutes.

Now, in the end, you have to add some oats flour with one small spoon of oatmeal. In this way, it can be changed upon into tough dough. Preheat your oven at 180 degrees. Now make the use of spoon for creating small circles on the dough over the baking sheet.

Can Cats eat oatmeal cookies

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2. Tuna Oatmeal Cookies Healthy Recipe

It is quite easy to make tuna healthy oatmeal recipes. You need to buy a small can and add it all in a small bowl. Mix it with egg and add some fish oil in it.  Fish oil is healthy for your cat and will bring a shiny, smooth effect for their fur coat. You can mix all the ingredients and add some oats flour in it. You have to keep on kneading the whole dough until and unless it does not develop a pure homogenous texture. Bake it for a maximum of 12-14 minutes.


Can Cats Eat Oatmeal-Final Verdict

At the end of the discussion about can cats eat oatmeal, we would be recommending you few basic things. They are healthy, but only if they are served upon without milk and that too in a small amount. You should consult your vet expert to know more about the relationship between oatmeal and cats.


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