A Quick Guide About Can Cats Eat Olives- Is It Healthy for Them?


There are so many cat pet owners who are quite a lot interested to get an idea about can cats eat olives or not!  Well, olives are completely not at all toxic for the cats so we can say that yes, you can serve your cats with olives.

But similar to any other form of snack or treat, make sure you are serving it to your cat in a completely moderate amount. Exceeding the amount of serving can eventually cause a damaging result for their digestive system.


Olives are one of the healthy fruit items having a bitter taste. They are ordinarily used in pasta recipes, pizzas, or salads.  Right into this blog guide, we will be discussing some of the important and major facts to give you an idea about whether olives are healthy for cats or not!

Are Olives Unhealthy For Cats?

So many people do have a question in mind about the different types of risks for your cats while serving them with some olives as a treat. Olives are hence not at all harmful for your cat as it is 100% poison-free. It won’t be giving your cat digestive system with any sort of side effects or germs which might force you to take them to the vet center immediately. But still, it is recommended to stay a little bit careful and conscious when serving them with the olives. Extra care needs to be taken when you are buying it in packaged boxes.


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Olives do contain a high percentage of salt within them that can be a lot risky for your cat. Hence the natural form of olives is included with high salt which can initially let your cat get closer to the sodium limit.  It can be a lot of life-threatening for your cat.

Are Green Olives Healthy for your Cat?

Can you serve your cats with green olives? This is another debating question to discuss right here! Such is not risky for your cat at all. They are 100% safe and healthy to eat. But while serving, make sure you have completely removed the top olive pit from it. Serve it in a moderate amount.

The main reason why cats are fond of eating olives is because of the chemical compound in it. This compound is also present in catnip and has a pleasant smell. Therefore some of the cat breeds might enjoy the entire smell of the olives and some might avoid eating it.

Can Cats Easily Digest Black Olives?

Similar to the green olives, you can serve your cats with black olives just because they are not at all toxic for them.  But when it comes to the taste, black olives do have a bitter taste. This is because they have less amount of salt in it with a high percentage of oil. So without any stress, let your cat food bowl be filled with black olives right now!

Can-Cats-Easily-Diges- Black-Olives

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Are Kalamata Olives Harmful to Cats?

Now let’s talk about kalamata olive! This olive is large and it has a purple color. This olive has been originated from a Greece city, Kalamata, after which this olive has been named.  They are extremely healthy for both humans and cats. Hence they are best known for boosting the immune system and nutrient intake of cats.

You can let your cats be served with this olive daily, but try to keep the amount of serving as moderator. As similar to other types of olive, it is also included with high sodium amount. Besides, it is also included with antioxidants which are helpful to deal with certain chronic diseases such as cancer.

Can Cats Chew Olive Leaves?

Cats are so much fond of chewing the branches or leaves of olives. If you witness your cat chewing the leaves of olive, there is no need to worry about it because they are completely non-toxic. They are 100% healthy and safe to eat. Their leaves will allow your cat fur coat to stay smooth and shiny. It will even improve their overall immunity system.

What are the Advantages of Olives for Cats?

We all know that cats belong to the category of omnivores, and there is nothing to include olives in their menu. Although this fruit cannot be taken as a part of a natural diet for your cat but still it has some healthy basic nutrients which are helpful for their body immune system.

It contains a high amount of:

  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Vitamin E
  • Fiber
  • Cooper
  • Calcium

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Vitamin E plays an important role in boosting the healthy skin or fur coat of your feline.  Fiber is much needed to improve their digestive system and letting their gut system to stay healthy. Calcium can help their bones to stay strong and healthy in growth.

Some of the basic minerals such as copper are much needed to give away your cat fur coat with a shiny, smooth, and healthy look. Iron plays an important role in the healthy production of red cells as well as even preventing feline anemia.  Olives can lower your cat blood pressure and promote the healthy development of the heart by reducing the bad cholesterol.

Can Cats Eat Olives: Final Thoughts

Well, we hope that this discussion would have probably helped you a lot to get an idea about can cats eat olives or not!  Olives are completely safe for your cats and they are healthy too. But still, you need to be little conscious about their serving amount which has to be moderate. You can even keep this serving as a treat for them which can be served for a maximum of 3 times in one week.

In the same way, when it comes to serving them with olive oil, one small tablespoon would be enough and all.  You just need to be a little careful and get in consultation with the vet expert to get better guidance about the olive serving for cats. Exceeding the amount can bring a huge risk for their health.


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